Deploying an SSTP in Latvia and upgrading an existing one along the North Sea-Baltic Corridor 2019-LV-TMC-0195-W

The applicant Vissa will upgrade an existing truck parking area in Adazi and set up a new one in Bauska along the E67, both locations are situated in Latvia. Those SSTPs are the centrepieces of the VISSA Baltic Transit network for trucks, which is managed via digital real-time information systems, serving the North Sea-Baltic Corridor. The deployment of the parking areas will be pursuant to the requirements of the EU-Parking Standard. VISSA is the applicant and coordinator of this project. Key transport experts and organizations will support VISSA to ensure the realisation of the Action and certification at the Gold level of the EU-Parking Standard. The applicant is already running a truck parking area in Adazi (Rigas gatve 88, LV-2164). The location is situated around 25 km north east of Riga and 50 m on the eastern side of the E67 known as ‘Via Baltica’. This key route starts off in Helsinki, reaching down south through key urban nodes of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic. The total length of this route is 1.630 km. SIA VISSA can cover almost one third of this route or respectively 541,4 km through the Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian sections of the route by providing cargo vehicle drivers with the necessary safe and secure parking infrastructure. Further, the location is situated 25 km away from the Freeport of Riga, which is the largest port in the Baltic States, a TEN-T Core Port and directly connected to the Latvian rail network. The newly planned SSTP in Bauska is located in the south of Latvia, about 30 km north of the border with Lithuania. It is located next to the road E67, the Via Baltica. The SSTP in Bauska will benefit from the successful experiences gained during the 7 previous years of operations in Adazi. Both SSTPs will be certified by an independent certification body at the completion of the Action. All users (transport companies and truck drivers) will also benefit from the advantages offered by Intelligent Transport Systems, allowing for smarter route planning and booking in due time. Truck drivers will be able to avoid unnecessary detours to find their safe and secure parking place. The Action will provide for the following achievements at both locations: - Safe and secure parking spaces for 260 trucks on the North Sea-Baltic TEN-T Corridor; - Gold security level for safe and secure truck parking at both locations according to the "EU-Parking Standard"; - High service levels for truck drivers.

Evaluation remarks:

The Action’s relevance is excellent, as it covers 260 HGV Gold level safe and secure parking spaces, including information and communication technologies. Maturity is very good, political and institutional supports have been given and there are no pending legal, administrative or technical issues. However, no contract has been awarded yet and the required loan remains to be secured. Impact and quality are good. The Action will contribute to enhanced security, travel time, vehicle operating and environmental savings, as well as to road safety effects. It is economically viable, but it appears not to be financially sustainable over time. The proposal is complete and logic; the activities, objectives and resources coherent, although some risks have been underestimated.