Termination of the contract


Year 2021 brought a lot of new challenges to the world – pandemic, skyrocketing inflation rates, necessity to reorganize work processes. These and other criteria’s have affected the contractual relationship between SIA “VISSA” and PS “MMG” in the way it was no longer reasonable to continue. On 01.10.2021 both parties have signed an agreement to end the bounding contract Nr. PJ 247/20. In result SIA “VISSA” have lost almost a year of project implementation time! To the date of termination of the contract, the subcontractor of PS ”MMG” - architectural design company SIA “TECTUM” was still in the process of development of building design for parking A7 Bauska and A1 Adaži. All intellectual rights of the developed materials were given to SIA “VISSA”.
SIA “VISSA” will order independent research to understand the tendencies of the construction market to thoroughly prepare for a second procurement.
It is estimated than new procurement will take place in November/December 2021.